This was the third Grand Race Rapla Selver for me. Last year I had to cancel this race because of illness but this year I tried to avoid falling ill again for the race time. In Haapsalu I ran my new personal record. – This was very helpful in reducing the pressure and” to take the upcoming trainings calmly.”

Between Viljandi and Rapla races I accomplished some good training. Still in some training I started to “pull” too much and it means that I started to too much long for the very good feeling. – It might not be the most correct thing to do. Big thanks to Karin who invited me to join her runs. Combined trainings together with her helped me to find comfortable and a calm tempo. Additionally I had one 22 kilometers long training and as a reward to myself I have to say that despite of calm tempo I was able to better my time result by five minutes compared to last year. 😊

Yesterday I had a pre-race training and I really felt awesome. After the training I asked Mari Liis to tape my strong leg and the ill hand so I could give my best maximal performance in Rapla. 😊

The weather forecast did not prognose a very nice weather and before the start it did not really seem like something pleasuring. – It was rainy and bleak. Fortunately by the start of the half marathon it seemed that the weather was “banged” nice from the start pistol. 😊

After the 10 km race “start bang” a sort of a uproar started for me. – At the first kilometer my time result was already 0:04:05. I went pass many other competitors and after the first drinking point a small group gathered behind me. At first a man from Haapsalu who I had issue with was also among them. A small idea that I would not let him pass me crossed my mind. During the first kilometers my lower leg muscle felt a bit “strange” but fortunately it passed. 😊 And so we were running with this small group. – I was in the front row and behind me a man who breathed very heavily. One Vändra club competitor suddenly ran pass me and then I ran pass him and so we scooted there.

Relive ‘VII Rapla Selveri Suurjooks’

Turning back towards Rapla I knew that there would be headwind so I placed myself to the hind row. Alas the tempo had to be little bit risen. Meanwhile I passed club mates who were running a longer distance. Before the finish line I recognized my Uncle’s wife running ahead of me who finished 5 km distance. I caught her and turned my eyes on the watch – 0:42:09. Herewith I improved my Haapsalu run result with 46 seconds. After the finish I had to take my phone out from my bag to see how my friend are doing at the Cycling Race Tartu. Like this another sporty Sunday went by.

A big thanks to trainer Viljar who has “worked wonders” with me. This goes without saying that it is so comfy put your body to the test and enjoy the result.

The next start for me will be The Narva Energy Run where I will run this year’s first half marathon.

Delivery and translator Heleni Juht/ Jane Salm