Spring is beautiful time of the year. – Nature awakens from deep sleep and suddenly as if everything gray turns to be colorful again, the birds are singing and the air smells somehow differently. For me Spring also is the start of everything new. – “The gains of Winter “have to be lost again, my competition schedule has to be set up and there has to be a new trial for getting better.

I am a bit frightened of deceiving Weather in Spring. Still nostalgy took over and I started my journey in Haapsalu. When I think back then I don’t regret anything, and I am glad that I took part in competition located in the “capital” of Läänemaa. After that competition I went to camp together with Pro-runners. The camp seems to have a miraculous effect on me because after the camp the tempo of the run has brought only joy. It has been now two times that I run 10 km distance with calm tempo and the time result stayed under 50 minutes which is for me a good achievement. I took part in The Blue Hepatica Run in the end of April. Although I really like that run, I was not happy about my result.

Beginning of May is historical for me because just then I changed from riding a bike to my first long-distance race. It was five years ago when I decided to have that trial for me. When I first started to compete in 2015 my time result was 01:19:10. For me this was an achievement by itself because I had not run over 10 km earlier and also of course not competed in such 😊. Second year was a bit of a disappointment for me because I could not “defeat” one-hour limit as a goal for me. The year 2017 and also 2018 I ran already with time result under one hour (0:55:59 and 0:53:54). This year together with coach Viljar I had sat a goal for making the result even better.

A Week before the event I felt pretty much nervous but at the competition place itself I managed to distract my mind a bit with the support of relatives and friends. Special thanks to Karin who was in the same warmup with me. Of course, in the starting corridor I got nervous again 😊.

The Starting time was at 12 O’clock. I began with the second group which means that behind the elite. First two kilometers were difficult for me which is quite usual to me. In this section was also raise Huntaugu and it is not an easy one. On the third kilometer I had a little “bummer”, but it did not end bad for me. On the 4th kilometer my heart-rate monitor showed 0:04:04. – It frightened me a bit because I knew that the most difficult part of the track is right ahead where I have “burned out” previous times. Great thanks to cheerleaders Kerli and Kersti. 😛

On the first field section I was “sneaking” myself behind on and behind another but on the gravel section I continued with my own tempo. Partly the gravel road was quite dusty. The only thing what bothers me about this competition is that the second drinking point is only on the left side of the road. – It is complicated for me and I need to change my trajectory because I am not able to grab anything with my left hand. Before the second field section I tailed up with one group. The group seemed to have a suitable tempo for me. First time in five years I felt that my legs are a bit tired on top of the raise but then again on the main fall I managed to add some speed. On the U-turn back to the city I got stroked by a headwind what bothered me for short while. Happily, the end was near. As a time result, I managed with 0:51:35 and I find it aught worthy gift for the “fifth birthday”.

Relive ’90 Suur jooks ümber Viljandi järve 01.05.19′

Delivery and translator Heleni Juht