For five years I have had a special relationship with the city Viljandi. – There I made my first long distance run competition. I’d say with courage that it is like the first love what never fades away so Viljandi run would most probably stay to my calendar till the end of times.

After Tallinn run I didn’t start to stress about the result very long, instead I started to train again. I’d say that I was more productive in the trainings than in Summer. The reason might be that it is not so hot anymore.

Relive ‘Morning Oct 14th’

I had placed myself at the start line little before twelve O’clock and I also found out that one very young and talented Estonian runner (Luna- Aleksandra Lagoda) is running together with me in the same run.

When we were off then I really showed my heels, I think I have never ran the first kilometer so fast. I understood that when I continued with that kind of a speed then I would probably not make it till the end. 😊 – So I took the tempo down “a few gears”. My average time result was 4:32. This is the kind of a result what I could settle for because my result running Viljandi run the average time was 5:49 and last two years it has been 4:40 the average.


At the first kilometer a nice female sportiest past by me. – I enjoyed running together with her also on the second day at Saaremaa three days run. 😊 I saw that her tempo was more aggressive than mine. I gave up running after her and continued in my own rhythm. 😊 Finally our distance decreased and I found her again :D, but I passed by her close. “Ha”, now I made her run after me because I called out to her to do so. All of that happened on the third kilometer. So we ran all of that 7,4 km :D. Every now and then I was peeking who else is running after me.

The hardest part has always been a tiny part of the track before the rise of Pikk street. This part of the track goes along the edge of the lake and this time there was headwind even. – I did not have much power left for the raise. In the end I struggled harder again so that the time would be less than 47

Viljalandi linnajooksu statistics 2014- 2018


Delivery and translator Heleni Juht