Year 2017 was a very rich year in different emotions, combined with “ups and downs”. It is all part of sports and despite of everything I enjoy “the whole package” to the fullest. The training conditions have changed a lot to the better as well as the quality of training.

First months of the year, I spent some time getting use to new running tracks. Mostly I ran from North-Tallinn to Kakumäe and back. My favorite place for running was Stroomi beach. In the first 2 months I ran together 301,07 km.

In March there was one competition ahead. – Estonian Championships in Indoor Athletics organized by Estonian Paralympic Committee. I did not really prepare myself for this competition. For me the main season started from April. Before the competition (held by Estonian Paralympic Committee) I took part in Cooper test. The test was conducted by Viljar (my friend) during our common training session. In the test I ran 2,8 km within 12 minutes, the result was few hundred meters better than last year’s result. Next event held after the test was to take part in 1500m run which I ran in 00:05:54, that was my best time in 1500m. After the run I had a little backlash as I got infected by some virus. I had to miss out on one Week of training sessions. I was in bad mood, it feels“a bit bitter” when you know that there is next upcoming competition and you are not able to prepare for it. The virus did not have very good effect on my self-confidence. I had to make my season-opening start at IV Jõgeva National Running Competition. Before the start I felt a lot better and I finished the run with the time result 00:48:09. Within four months I had ran together 528,08 km.

On my birthday I ran at Võsu midsummer half marathon, this run was successful in 2016. This year the success continued and my result was better with 00:08:18 and my new record number is 01:41:41. I like Võsu track really much because it has enough challenges and every section offers tension and thrilling. Before this competition I had long training sessions. (For those of you who know Tallinn), one training session using the light traffic track lasted from Nõmme to Karjamaa.

In August I took part in two competitions. First of them was Onupoja run where I was in the 4th place. The second one where I took part is usually full of surprises – “Ööjooks”, meaning night run. This time I had no “nonsense” on my way and I finished the run in 00:45:41. Within eight months I had ran already 1227, 94 km.


In September, I took part in a really meaningful run – SEB Tallinn half marathon. This was already third competition where I was not “jumping from happiness” because of the result, I was again burned out. At least this time it happened in the last few kilometers. Actually I reached my goal what I had sat in the beginning of the year but I was still not happy, rather disappointed. SEB Tallinn Half Marathon time result was 01:45:19. After that I had more two runs to participate in. It seemed complicated because I did not have much motivation left. I pulled myself together and rise of a Pikk street was waiting “to wage a war” and I won. This time I was really running not having a walk like in previous years. Soon I had to “sail over the water” to Saaremaa. There I had to run three days in one row. This was new experience for me and I was a bit worried how would I cope. Afterwards I can say that I underestimated myself and I should have stronger faith in myself. First day was really hard but on the other hand the third day was really good. Within 10 months I had ran 1605, 56 km.

Last months of the year went by with much training. Main objective was physical preparation and to rest my spirit. On the penultimate day of the year I took part in running- hiking competition held by sports club Prorunner, the event was named “Free from fat (get) 2”. The distance was 47 km so it gave me the opportunity to come through with a marathon length. Throughout the year I ran 1950, 05 km

I am really pleased with my year when summarizing, it has had development and I have gained a lot of stability. It is well seen from the results of the 10 competitions where the time was under 50min. Results of half marathons were also better compared to the previous years. I have made couple of important changes this year. I began to put as less pressure on my right leg as possible. I wish to thank Mari Liis and Ingrit who taped my leg before the competitions so that I could give maximum effort while competing. The second I changed my eating habits, unfortunately I am still not able to give up one thing. The biggest thanks of all goes to Viljar and the members of Prorunner sports club.

As a promise for the next year I have sat a goal to run faster than  year 2017. When talking about numbers I would like to run 10km in 37 minutes but this would be long term goal. More realistic is within 40 minutes. It would be very nice if the half marathons times would begin with numbers 01:30.

Little bit about the “running” numbers….

Delivery and translator Heleni Juht