It feels like Spring in the air and Migration birds have found their way back to Estonia. I had a plan in my mind how will I get in shape for the Viljandi lake run. To test and see about my abilities I decided that Sinilille run would be the best solution.

What is Sinilille run? In translation it means:” The blue hepatica run “, the run is open to everyone interested: service-members, members of the Estonian Defence League, veterans, their family members and acquaintances, members of the Sports Platoon of the Estonian Defence Forces, our NATO allies etc. Also, all civilians are welcome to run alone or with their families.

You can read more about the run on the website: , (The English version introduction).

This season I am eager to experience various emotions and of course self-development. Reflecting on the trainings I feel that I have improved during the winter, especially in the last month. Surely one thing is the training and totally another thing is the actual “battlefield” in the competition because I have the bad habit of overthinking.

Last year in the trainings my average pulse was 145 in 8 km calm run and the time per/km was around 05:05-05:20. This year the time per/km is already around 04:50-05:05 and the Spring just started  😀

Sinilille run was special to me because I have not have experience in running 3 km run so far. On the competition morning I did not even have the usual anxiety which is strange because something new was about to come up. In last years I have learned that at the start line you really have to push yourself forward in order to run a “burbly” The first kilometer composed mostly from one straight line and culminated with a raise.


The raise was like “the cherry on the cake” but the headwind on the straight line was a bit bothering. This kind of things should not bother me, but sometimes is that kind that “the devil kicks in”, it happens. Time of the first km was 03:51. I was not happy with the time result of the second km (04:17), I felt like I should have strived more. – I am a bit angry at myself. On the third kilometer I “pulled myself together” again and “stretched my legs out” so the result was 03:58 run.

Summing-up the distance was 3,2km which makes it 2 miles and my final result was 00:12:40. Generally I can be happy with this run because it was a new challenge for me. The next competition will be Viljandi lake run. „Viljandi, here I run!“